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We all have thoughts and feelings regarding the tragedy that has happened to our country.  This page is my venting page.  My inner thoughts and inner feelings about what has occurred to my home will fill this page.  If I offend anyone I am sorry.  In this country we still have freedom of speech.

9/20/01 - I am a bit late in starting this but with good reason;  My computer has been down for two weeks.  I suffered through this awful event with no on line support from my friends which was very difficult.  Of course I have my family but I also could not contact them.  My husband and I grieved alone.  The pain of this past week has been horrifying but through it all I feel a sense of immense unity like I have never seen before.  After listening to our President last evening I have a renewed pride in what is going on and what will be going on to bring the criminals to justice.  They don't seem to understand exactly what they have gotten themselves into but DAMN they are about to and I will be applauding the great men and women of our armed forces who are going to make sure we NEVER have to endure this kind of treatment again in my lifetime.

Yanno what really galls me?  The fact that we are the most generous country in the world.  We are always coming to the aid of whomever needs us.  And we are hated for this?  Osama bin Ladin, I AM PISSED as are all of my countrymen and I hope you get what you deserve and THEN some.  Not only have you brought harm to MY people but you allow yourself to bring harm to yours as well.  I feel sorry for your soul as it will surely burn in hell.

10/1/01 -  A new month is upon us.  A new month to reflect on what has happened to this great country of ours.  I wake up each morning wondering what will happen next.  I see all these Peace demonstrations and I have to say, this is one time I am in total disagreement with the demonstrators I see on the TV.  They don't want violence, they don't want innocent lives lost.  This is one time I am furious with those that think this war can be won without lives lost.  The only lives I don't want to see lost is our brave men and women who are preparing to bring the perpetrators to justice.  If innocent Afgan lives are lost then I am sorry but did they think about the innocents that were lost when they bombed our trade centers or pentagon or the hundreds they killed in the planes.  NO.  And what is worse, they are teaching their kids at a young age to HATE AMERICA.  I have seen school drawings of their children painting awful depictions of American deaths.  This is appalling to me.  Peace will never come to this land or this world until every one of the terrorist groups are wiped out and if it means innocents then so be it.  They should have thought of this before they started teaching their children to hate.








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