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September 11, 2001

Where were you the morning that the world stood still in horror? Myself, I was at work when one of my bosses went running from the room as he screamed "A plane just crashed into the World Trade Center!" One by one we all ran to our break room as we watched, stunned at what we were seeing. Screeches rang out as we watched in stunned amazement as the second plane crashed into the second tower, then the Pentagon and finally the field in Pennsylvania.

To the cowards who caused this all I can say is if you think you have drowned the American spirit by your actions you are DEAD wrong. You may have toppled our buildings and murdered countless innocent Americans but the spirit is alive and well inside all of us and we will not succumb to your cowardly deeds. You think we were strong before? Look at us now.

God Bless America


I, ____________________, do solemnly pledge.
Although my country has suffered a horrible blow,
I will not allow my spirit to be defeated.
I will go to work,
I will take my kids to school,
and my life, changed forever, will go on.

I pledge I will support my President
and Armed Forces in whatever action
must be taken.
I pledge I will pray for the victims of this attack
and their families and friends.
I pledge not to live in fear.

I will not panic.
I will not sell my stocks and cause my country
to slip into a recession.
I will not allow my anger to grow
into an all-consuming hate.

I pledge my pride in America will grow.
To do anything less would be to allow those
who have committed this violence
against my country to celebrate another victory.

This I do Solemnly pledge!

Signed, _________________


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Very special thanks to Bernadette Hurley for making this beautiful and very appropriate set.  As usual, your artistry shines.

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