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I love the state that I now call home.  Ever since I moved to Georgia in 1995 I have been fascinated with the history of this beautiful state and all the wonderful trees.  The next few pages will show you why I love it here so much.  I hope you enjoy your tour of My Georgia.

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Antebellum Mansions

The term Antebellum refers to architecture or homes that were built 10 years prior to the Civil War.   Georgia is full of these awesome homes and I can't get enough of them.

They are scattered throughout the state for all to admire and to get a feel of the magnificence of the Civil War era. 

Talk about a Touch of Scarlett - this magnificent beauty was built during the presidency of  U.S. Grant.   It is located in Harris County and currently is a private residence.


A large majority of these homes have been converted into Bed and Breakfasts throughout the state.   Their beauty has been preserved as well as the ambiance of the period in the furnishings.  One can almost feel the lifestyle of the times when staying there.


One such Inn is the 1842 Inn in Macon, Georgia pictured above.


And the Whitlock Inn in Marietta, Georgia

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The above four drawings are of some of the many homes on the Antebellum tour in historic Milledgeville, Georgia.


I think you can get the idea of why I love to go from town to town seeking out these beauties.   There is so much history in these homes and it is great to be able to relive it.   Savannah has by far the largest concentration of historic homes and is a must see for any visitor to the state.

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