Who Exactly is Lady Raine of Lentisi?

The best way to describe her is to say that she is every woman.  She is the woman we all want to be.  Lady Raine is from a fictional land that only exists in our minds. We dream of her on a daily basis.  She is the woman who has everything.  There is not a blemish on her face.  She is the woman who is rich in every sense of the word.
Men adore her, women want to be her. She is the perfect wife and lover. She loves children and is an angel to them all. She is intelligent, bright and beautiful. In the land of Lentisi she is Queen and rules with the sound of her voice and sparkle in her eye.
Lentisians learn from her as she guides them through their daily lives. She has her own set of rules and a file cabinet that can recall even the most minute of details.

Lady Raine is our teacher. She lives inside each and every one of us and sits in waiting as we discover what she has to offer. All of our feelings emanate from her. As women, we struggle to learn true meaning from our daily lives. Every day Raine brings us new and wonderful thoughts which often have us questioning ourselves and the world around us.

As we continue on this journey, be ever mindful of the influences she has on our lives. Her ultimate goal is to show us how beautiful we all are and how we can use that beauty to make the world a better place. When we find her, our lessons will be complete and everything that we are will shine like never before. She will always be within us to ensure that our head is always held high with the knowledge that we are women of worth, substance and beauty.

copyright © 2002 Kristine Berg-Johnson