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This is a webring for writers of ALL ages who showcase their work on their site.  In my web surfing I have seen some very talented writers from as young as 10 to as old as 80.   This ring is for you.

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  • You MUST have a webpage.

  • Your site MUST be safe for all ages.  No pornography, hate or warez sites allowed in this ring.

  • Your site MUST contain original works.  This can include poetry, short stories, novella's, thoughts or articles.

  • Visitors MUST be able to find the ring, however, it is ok to submit your front page to the ring.   Afterall, don't we all want to visit your entire home?

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    If your site meets the above requirements I hope you will join this ring.

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    After you have added the webring code to your site, please email me and I will verify your site and the code.  If everything is correct and the requirements have been met I will add you to the ring and confirm by email.


    Your site will remain in the queue for 14 days only!  If you have not added the fragment by that time your site will be dropped from the queue.  You may email me with an extension request if needed, however.

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    Ok, that's it.  Now on to the fun stuff.  Be sure and save the ring logos onto your server and add the html code.

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    Edit Site Information

    Enter your site ID and password below:

    Site ID #


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