Lake and Snow Applets

Haven't you always wanted to know how to make those lovely lake and snow applets?  Well, you have come to the right place.   Let's learn.



Making lake and snow applets are easier than you think.  First we need to choose a lovely picture that we want to have the lake flowing in. 


You then need to download the lake.class file and upload it to your hard drive.


   Next, figure out what the dimensions of your chosen picture is.  The picture I have chosen is.     190 x 148 pixels.  Copy and paste this code to your page where you want your applet to be:


<div align="center"><center>
  <table border="6" width="190" height="296" cellpadding="2">
      <td width="100%">
        <applet code="Lake.class" width="190" height="296">
          <param name="image" value="your image.???">Put something here for browsers that don&#146;t use Java.

Where you see "your image.???" be sure and put the name of the image you uploaded.  You will also notice that I added the width of my photo and DOUBLED the length.  This is very important. 

Put something here for browsers that donít use Java.        

  And there you have it.   Wasn't that easy?  You may need to work with the length tag to get it just the right length but work with it and it will be right.

If you have any problems with this just email me and I will be happy to help you.  Oh and one more thing,  everything in this code is case sensitive so watch that when you add your image or the lake.class code.


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