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Creating Oh So Easy Muted Backgrounds in PSP

Everyone likes to make backgrounds well, here is an easy way to created the muted backgrounds from graphics.


1)  Select your graphic.  I used this one for this tutorial

tulip.jpg (2089 bytes)

2)  Add a new raster layer - layers> create new raster layer

2)  Flood fill the layer with white.  OOPS!  Where did my image go?  This is the fun part.

4)  Go to your layers palette and decrease the slider until you receive the desired effect.


And here is what you will get.

muted tulip.jpg

Now wasn't that simple?  What could be quicker and simpler for creating all those wonderful muted backgrounds for your pages?


That was so much fun, how about another quick one.  This one I learned from a very dear friend of mine.  I call it:

Plaid Tiles

1)  Open a new image 200 x 200.  Flood fill it with your favorite color.

2)  Go to image>effects>blinds and use these settings.   I set my color to white but you can make it a lighter shade of your flood filled color if you wish.

blinds1.JPG (54874 bytes)

3) Again go to image>effects>blinds but this time uncheck the Horizontal box.  Here again you can change the color.  It is all personal preference.

blinds2.JPG (65738 bytes)

4)  Now go to image>effects>mosiac-glass.  You can really have fun here playing with the settings.  You will love the different effects you can come up with.  For this tutorial the settings I used are below.

blinds3.JPG (101109 bytes)

That's all there is to it.  You can imagine all the fabulous combinations you can come up with.  Here are the two I created for this tutorial both with different settings.

plaid.jpg (12806 bytes)      plaid2.jpg (15962 bytes)

Enjoy making plaids!  You can also mute these tiles like you did in the first tutorial.  Experiment  but most of all, have fun.



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