Thought it would be fun to do a page to show off our little ones. 


Mickey is our first baby.    King of the house.  Look at that little guy smile.  Mickey is 9 months old and a very precious little guy.  We love him to death.  He weighs a whopping 6 pounds.

Coco is our newest baby.  He is 1 - 1/2  years old  Coco also weighs 6 pounds and we adopted him just yesterday (3/24/03).  We learned he came from an abused home.  Can you imagine anyone hurting this precious love?  He and Mickey became instant friends.

Mickey got his tail in the way of this one.  Coco's legs are quite short where Mick's are about 1 inch longer.

Here is the two babies resting on Mom's love seat.  Mickey loves to smile for the camera.  He has quite the overbite.

After a long day of playing the buddies crash next to Mom.