K.L. Johnson

Johnson pours her heart and soul into her fiction and writings in order to give her readers an everlasting experience. 

Enjoy "Image on the Stairs," a haunting story of betrayal and forgiveness, "Escape From Hell." experiences of the 1997 Los Angeles earchquake, A Romance to Remember," a love story that ended on Prom Night, "The Bell of Hope," a holiday story you will never forget, plus

Fae of Light

Final Flash

The Coffee Shop

Articles you will enjoy include:

Reflections of Time

Rush Hour Remedies

The Human Body - Epitome of Complication

What We Take for Granted

Road Rage

The American Dialect

Up With People

Facination of Discovery

The Death of a Fantasy

and more!

This ebook is one in a series.  Upon payment, you will immediately receive your ebook for download or printing.  There of course, are no shipping charges.


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