Are you an Enchantress?

Welcome to the new Enchantress WebRing. 

This is not a club or anything that has to be participated in.  This is simply a webring for exposure of your talented website. 

"Enchantress" is a webring for women with web sites that are unique, elegant, and captivating. Their websites reflect their enigmatic personalities and showcase their talent for creating things of compelling beauty. The sites in this ring are as varied and magical as the women who create them.


Your homepage doesn't have to be the most exquisite specimen of coding and design in the whole world, but it must show some care in its creation. Sites which are sloppily thrown together with little inspiration or attention to detail will not be accepted. Sites which convey the unique personality of the creator and which show her pride in herself will definitely be accepted. In order to join the Enchantress Webring

* You must be a female.

* You must have a homepage.

* The aforementioned homepage must contain original content. Sites which act as mere storehouses of gifts, adoptions and cyberpets will not be considered.

* Your site must be updated frequently.

If you would like to join this ring, click below and fill out the form.  The ring must be placed on your site and correctly coded within 7 days from the day you apply for the ring.



You have a choice of either of the two codes below

Code (1)

Suitable for blogs or small areas of your website.

  ? enchantress #

Code (2)

Image must be uploaded to your own site.  I do not allow bandwidth stealing. Right click on the image below to save to your hard drive. 

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