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If you would like to be a part of this ring, there are a few rules that you must abide by.  Please read them carefully. 

  • No sites will be admitted to this ring that are not child safe.  In other words, no pornographic material whatsoever.  This includes links to pornographic subjects,  movies,  stories or images.

  • The HTML fragment must be placed on the url you sign up with.  There will be no exceptions to this rule.

  • All links and images on the ring fragment must be visible. Take special care when placing the fragment on a dark background.

  • There are three versions of the ring logo.   Save your choice to your own hard drive.  Anyone found linking to this site will be automatically removed from the ring without exception.

  • Any sites that are not abiding by the above rules will be removed from the ring without notice and not allowed to re-submit until the infraction has been corrected.


After you have added the webring code to your site, please email me and I will verify your site and the code.  If everything is correct and the requirements have been met I will add you to the ring and confirm by email.


Your site will remain in the queue for 14 days only!  If you have not added the fragment by that time your site will be dropped from the queue.  You may email me with an extension request if needed, however.


Ok, that's it.  If you will abide by the rules please join by clicking the button below.

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Ring Mistress Ring

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Lady Kree.

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