My Castle Realm

Of course a visit to my realm would never be complete without a tour of my castle.  This is my most beloved space.  A place where Dragons dwell in peace and Winkles hide in corners. 

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The guardian of my castle is Drako.


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I follow Drako's advice on matters of the heart.  He has never steered me wrong.  He guards me and my realm with his very being.


Welcome my little Beastie to the Castle.  I found him roaming the halls of HIS castle.  I just had to bring him home with me.  He reminds me of the Winkles that reside here.


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~~~My Castle Domain~~~

Enter my world, what will you see,
A world of dreams
A world of fantasy
My private domain of love.

 With castles and dragons
Fae's prancing about

And winkles hiding behind that tree
My private domain of joy .

Come with a smile
Come with a grin
Enter happily my cozy home
My private domain of fun.


copyright © 1999 KLJ



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