My Most Precious Gift


I don't think there is a greater gift that a child can bestow upon a parent than another life to carry on their legacy. Such was the case the day my beautiful grandson was born. He is the light of my life and I am proud and happy to share him with you. Enjoy watching him grow with me as I present Payton Mitchell, my precious gift.

One month old------already a hunk.


2 and a half months. Really showing his personality now. (smile) CHECK OUT 'DEM DIMPLES!!

Mr. Hollywood.

My little Munchkin at 4 months. He LOVES those glasses.

Another 4 month shot without the glasses.

With all his rowdy friends *S*

These next pictures including the one above he is 5 months old.

Little Surfer Dude

Ah, the life of Leisure

         He is so much fun now.  And loves his Gramma (smile)    


                    payton2.jpg (8259 bytes)

Here he is at 7 1/2 months.  He is such a ham.


This dude is the bomb, as my nephew would say. (smile)

Now, for this one I am sure I will get royally killed when he is older.  
Oh well, Gramma's prerogative.  LOLOL


Be sure and check out Payton's First Birthday Page.  Hard to believe he is one year old.  Where does the time go.  You can see my little man by clicking in the quick navigation bar below.



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