This quilt is dedicated to those precious babies known as Chihuahua's.  Chi's are the most loyal and loving pet anyone could hope for.  Although small in stature, they make up for their size by all the love they bestow on their owners.

I have had my baby for two months now and I wouldn't trade him for all the world.

Mickey was born on June 6, 2002.  He is a teacup Chihuahua and now weighs in at a whopping 3 pounds.  The quilt below is made up of pieces designed mostly from the Chihuahua lovers egroup.  A group of wonderful people who love and adore this mini breed of dog.  If you have a Chi and would like to add his or her square to this page, please email a 130 x 130 square to .  Be sure and include your website URL for linking of your piece.  Please visit all of the wonderful sites below.




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