I discovered this hobby thanks to friends on the net.  What a wonderful way to make new friends.   Please come back often and see what is new at my quilt world.  I will be expanding as time goes on.

If you would like to add your square to any of my quilts, please send a 130 x 130 square to me via email and be sure to include your linking url.

Send the piece to kriss@ladykree.com


Castle Quilt

Friendship Quilt

States and Countries

Special Causes


Circle of Style

Chihuahua Lovers Quilt

GOF Quilters Club Welcome Quilt

Quilters Club Special Gifts

Friendship is Forever



Please take one of my squares for your site.  Please link the piece to http://www.ladykree.com

Thank you for stopping by.


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Lady Kree
stitched a square for the
Quilt For The Cause
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