Jell-O Fruit Salad

Ok, this one is an all time Summer favorite.  It is one of those salads that never has leftovers.



Large box of any flavor Jell-O brand gelatin (my personal favorite is Strawberry/banana)

4 or 5 Bananas

2 cups Mini Marshmallows

Large can fruit cocktail

Dream Whip Whipped Topping

Crushed Walnuts (optional)

In medium bowl mix gelatin with 2 cups of boiling water.  Mix until disolved.  Place in refrigerator (do not add the cold water) until set.  When gelatin is firm, prepare Dream Whip according to directions omitting vanilla. 

With a hand mixer, mix up gelatin to little chunks.  Add whipped topping, fruit cocktail, bananas, marshmallows and nuts if you like.  Mix well.  Garnish with peach or pear slices and chill until set. 

Makes a wonderful salad for a picnic or company gathering..




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