Thank you so much for visiting my site.  The current design of The Dreams of Lady Kree has been long time coming.  I made my first website in 1995 and have grown and evolved ever since.  Since the internet is constantly changing, so is the way that websites are constructed and viewed.  I am very proud of my renovations and hope you enjoy your stay with me.

I am a fifty year old married mother of two and grandmother to one and a half.  My oldest son and his beautiful wife are expecting their first child in March of 2003.  My grandson Payton who you will see on this site was born in 1999 and the light of his Gramma and Paw Paw's eye.

I was born the eldest of six children and very proud of my military lifestyle.  My father was a career man in the Air Force.  I am lucky that three of my sisters live close to me and my one and only brother is not far away. My wonderful husband is from the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and has two grown sons of his own 

In addition to working full-time outside the home, I also have a home based web hosting and graphics design business.  Magnolia South has been in business for two years now and I am loving this new adventure.  I have the best customers on the internet and my goal is to make everyone who hosts with me truly enjoy the experience of the internet.  For anyone who reads this and decides to host with Magnolia South I will give you the gift of reduced rate hosting.  Stop by and check us out. You will be pleased with the personal touch Magnolia South gives you. 

The special man that rocks my world



If I were a sappy movie ballad, I would be 

My Heart Will Go On from Titanic

Incurring the wrath of both casual radio listeners and audiophiles the world over, I managed to get played every hour on the hour on every radio station the world over. It seems that my appeal will go on, and on, and on, and on....

What sappy movie ballad are you?


Tracy Byrd and I after a concert in Kennesaw, Georgia

Thank you for stopping by and getting to know me a little better.  I sincerely hope you will stop back for a visit soon.

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