~Don't Cry for Me~

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Don’t cry for me
I see you still
I will not leave your side
Don’t cry for me
I will not go
Far from you in my ride.

Don’t cry for me
I will remain
Close by to dry your tears
Don’t cry for me
For you will see
My power through the years.

Don’t cry for me
My love remains
A part of you I seek
Don’t cry for me
I lived my life
‘Twas cherished week by week.

Don’t cry for me
Be not afraid
My arms outstretched in love
Don’t cry for me
I guard you with
My wing spread from above.

By Kristine Johnson
Copyright 1999

This next writing is by one of my nieces to another of my nieces while she was visiting us the summer of 1999.



Swallowed in her own depression

Turning to her worst obsession.

When confronted by disgrace

She closes her eyes and covers her face.

She tries to avoid what is real

Covering up how she may feel.

She has many choices to make

Trying not to be so fake.

She must be so afraid

Of all the choices she has made.

But, yet she shows no emotion

Hiding under her own commotion.

Pretending to be so careless

Trying not to become so hopeless.

Starving for some attention

And still turning to her obsession.

Knowing what she's done's not right

But willing to put up a fight.

She's like a hopeless infection

Always going in the wrong direction.


~written by Malia Janelle Hill 8/27/99~



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